• lolcell Uploader!

    lolcell 2.0!

  • We are happy to announce that we are now opening our site and accepting contributions from you! Here are a few ways you can submit your images to us.
  • 1 - By the lolcell Uploader.
  • 2 - Email them to us at share@lolcell.com.
  • 3 - Join our facebook new group { lolcell } and post pictures there.

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Recent Posts

Man Pets Cat. Cat Bites Man!

By lolcell On May 23, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Petting the cat - OUCH!

Who says you can’t bite the hand that feeds you! Or, in this case pets you.

Grandma Smiling – Doing It Wrong!

By lolcell On May 23, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Smiling: Doing it wrong!

Who says grandma has to smile when you take her picture?

Hello lol’ers! Welcome to lolcell.com!

By lolcell On May 20, 2009 1 Comment

With great anticipation and much more to be done, we are proud to open our virtual doors today. Let’s get a few sure fire FAQ’s out of the way.

  • What is lolcell.com about? –  lolcell is about all the fun and amazing things we see through our cellular eye.
  • What can we expect to see here? –  Cool pics and discussions about our cellular world.
  • How can I participate? – You can submit pics, comment on existing ones or join in our discussion board.
  • Who runs lolcell.com? – Just some peeps with cell phones and too much time.
  • Is it mobile browser friendly? Yes and No. All of the site is accessible via mobile web, however we are still working out some of the bugs in the styling. Don’t you love BETA?
  • Why do this? – Because! 🙂
  • When will it be out of BETA? – Not sure, but if it is like Gmail could be years. Let’s hope not though.

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