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Archive for the ‘lol People’ Category

Now this is too cute!

By lolcell On September 25, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Is there anything cuter than a baby sleeping on dads chest? Yep, baby sleeping on dads chest with his arm around the family dog also sleeping there.

Cute Nappers!

That Diet Is Really Working!

By lolcell On May 25, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Very Slimming!

His thoughts: “Man this seaweed and tuna diet is really working. Not only is my belly going down, but I think I am actually a little taller!”

3 Pointer – Failed Badly

By lolcell On May 24, 2009 1 Comment

James 3 pointer goes just a bit wide right and short. Just a bit!

Flash Bomb! 05-23-09

By lolcell On May 24, 2009 1 Comment

Flash Bomb!

WTF? Who uses the flash from 1 foot away at Midnight.

You Can Go Anywhere On Your Hoveround. Even Arby’s!

By lolcell On May 24, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Drive Thru LadY

What? Haven’t you seen someone going through a fast food drive thru at a restaurant located on a busy highway that can only be gotten to by driving across 4 busy lanes of traffic, while driving a power scooter?

Grandma Smiling – Doing It Wrong!

By lolcell On May 23, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Smiling: Doing it wrong!

Who says grandma has to smile when you take her picture?