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Archive for the ‘animals’ Category

Basement Cat In The Fridge!

By lolcell On September 24, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Basement Cat Now In Your Fridge Eating Your Food

Hot Day + Tuna On Plate + Fridge = Cat In The Fridge!

That’s A Big Rooster!

By lolcell On June 27, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Big Rooster

That's a big Rooster!

Man that’s a big rooster. What is so funny about this photo is not the rooster itself, but the fact that there is nothing within miles that it is even relevant too. No farms, no chicken themed restaurants, nothing. It does however serve as a great land mark to tell me when I am at my favorite Italian restaurant.

NOTE: They do have chicken wings on their menu????

Goat – All Boxed Up And Ready For Shipping!

By lolcell On May 25, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Goat In A Box

This fella can’t wait to get out of here. In fact he is so eager to go he has already packed himself for the trip.

Relaxing By The Pool On Memorial Day!

By lolcell On May 25, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Lazy Turtle!

Look at those sexy legs and round shell. NICE! Might want to use some sunblock next time though.