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Archive for June, 2009

Number 1 Sign Your Employer Does Not Like You!

By lolcell On June 29, 2009 Be The First To Comment

#1 sign your employer does not like you!

The number 1 sign your employer does not like you is – Instead of fixing the leak in the roof directly above your head they hang a kid sized umbrella above your keyboard so it does not get wet.

That’s A Big Rooster!

By lolcell On June 27, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Big Rooster

That's a big Rooster!

Man that’s a big rooster. What is so funny about this photo is not the rooster itself, but the fact that there is nothing within miles that it is even relevant too. No farms, no chicken themed restaurants, nothing. It does however serve as a great land mark to tell me when I am at my favorite Italian restaurant.

NOTE: They do have chicken wings on their menu????

Father Of The Year – Not!

By lolcell On June 23, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Father Of The Year!

Here’s a good idea, put your toddler child on a 1 person scooter and take him on a ride during rush hour traffic when the only thing protecting his head is a $5 walmart bike helmet.

Father Of The Year!

I don’t even know what this moron was thinking. He is so big his kid can’t even fit on the seat, he has to stand up on the scooters deck and hang on to the handle bars. This is safe!

Getting Tickets Sucks, So Don’t Ram Someone!

By lolcell On June 23, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Getting Pulled Over Sucks.

Getting pulled over and ticked sucks. For this guy a good way to avoid getting ticketed is to not ram someone!

Busted – Fender Bender!

By lolcell On June 9, 2009 Be The First To Comment

OOPS! - Fender Bender

Ramming into a car while only a few feet away from a cop is a really bad idea. The good news is that the lady you rammed is wearing skin tight Daisy Dukes, working girl heels and a tube top so the chances are the cop isn’t going to pay too much attention to what you are doing anyway!

Drunk Driver – Busted!

By lolcell On June 6, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Drunk Driver Busted

Let me just say drinking and driving is stupid and not even funny at all. If you drink and drive you need to go to jail! No ifs ands or buts.

That being said, why do 9 out of 10 male drunk drivers have to be shirtless? Come on, put a friggin shirt on people. No one wants to see your fat, shirtless, hairy back stumbling around while you fail your field sobriety test.

El – Charly

By lolcell On June 6, 2009 Be The First To Comment

El Charly

Which took longer, making the sign or putting it up? Is that crayon smears??

Uncle Wiggily Plays Indian Hunter – What??

By lolcell On June 6, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Uncle Wiggly!

Uncle Wiggily? This is a weird looking little book. I don’t really have anything smart to say about this one as I think it speaks for itself.

Cat Fight! What Cat Fight?

By lolcell On June 1, 2009 Be The First To Comment

Cat Fight! What Cat Fight?

When confronted regarding their little battle royal in a box upon the counter, all I got was the “What, we ain’t doing nottin!” look.